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What is touch screen digitizer and LCD screen display?

To help you make sense of What is touch screen digitizer and LCD screen display, to know more exactly what repair replacement you need.

"Touchscreen digitizer"
A touchscreen display is one that is sensitive to touch. They are often used on GPS, PDA, smartphones and similar devices. The primary types of touchscreens are capacitive touchscreens and resistive touchscreens, but there are alo other types infrared light grids, sound, or optical sensors. Touchscreen is also said as digitizer.

"Resistive touchscreen"
There are two major categories of touchscreen displays used on cellphones and GPS: capacitive touchscreens and resistive touchscreens. Resistive touchscreen displays are composed of multiple layers that are separated by thin spaces. Pressure applied to the surface of the display by a finger or stylus causes the layers to touch, which completes electrical circuits and tells the device where the user is touching. As such, resistive type touchscreens require much more pressure to activate than capacitive touchscreens.

Currently most of the GPS still using the resistive touchscreens. Such as: Tomtom XL series and Garmin nuvi 14xx series. But nearly all cellphones use the capacitive touchscreens now.  Most resistive touchscreens needs soldering.

"Capacitive touchscreen"
Capacitive touchscreen displays rely on the electrical properties of the human body to detect when and where on a display the user touching. Because of this, capacitive displays can be controlled with very light touches of a finger and generally cannot be used with a mechanical stylus or a gloved hand. Some new GPS start to use the Capacitive touchscreen now.

"LCD screen display"

LCD screen display is the part showing images, pictures, texts. Some LCD screen display unit contains the inner LCD-display, illumination back light, touchscreen digitizer, metal frame and ribbon cable together, is the LCD screen display and touchscreen digitizer assembly

But some LCD screen displays Only have inner LCD-display, illumination back light, metal frame and ribbon cable, Without touchscreen digitizer. ( touchscreen digitizer is separated) 

How soon does your company make the delivery after payment?
A: usually you can expect your package within 5-10 workdays after your payment if everything in stock We will ship your package our from our factory within 24hours-48hours. if custom order need 6-10 workdays production period, then 3-6 workdays for shipping.

How can I track my package after you ship out my package?
A: We usually ship out my package within 24-48 hours, as soon as we ship out your package,we will Email you your tracking No.immediately. and we also have been keep close eyes on your package after ship out, if any problem we will call you and email you for detail and help you out. Make sure you will receive the package in soonest possible.

How long dose it take to deliver the goods to my home?
A: Your order should reach your address within 5-10 workdays after paypamt via FedEx, TNT or EMS. according to the city you live. Usually 4-8 workdays to United States.

What should I do if the goods arrives damaged?
A: If any items arrived not in good condition, pls take a photograph for all damaged items, list all the damaged item No. and marked each qty and each broken descriptions accordingly,Email us for reimbursement to us, we will soon apply all the loss for you as soon as we got your email for claim.

Installation Guide:

How to Replace a Cell Phone LCD Screen?

1. Power off your cell phone completely by holding down the power button for four or five seconds. Turn the phone over and remove the back plate. Slide your fingernail underneath the battery and pop the battery out of the phone.

2. Locate the SIM card if your mobile phone is a GSM style phone. Pull back the metal covering over the SIM card and then remove the card. Set it aside

3. Find the plastic RF grommet at the bottom of the phone near where the battery was located. Grab the grommet with a pair of tweezers and remove it from the phone.

4. Insert the tweezers into the hole on the side of the phone opposite from where the RF grommet was located. Use the tweezers to pull up on the latch inside the hole to unlock the bottom plastic antenna cover. Lift the cover off of the phone and set it aside.

5. Pull out the screws along the edges of the phone using the Torx screwdriver. Take the metal plate off of the phone

6. Flip the phone over so that you can see the LCD screen. Slide the edge of a flat head screwdriver in between the seam of the plastic cover on the bottom of the phone. Wiggle the screwdriver up and down gently to unlock the catch underneath the plastic cover. Lift the entire plastic cover up and then off the phone.

7. Find the latch on the side of the LCD screen and unlock it with the tweezers. Pull the screen slightly off of the phone and then disconnect the cable running from the screen to the phone. Lay the replacement screen back into the phone and attach the cable.

8. Set the plastic cover back onto the phone and then flip it back over. Re-attach the metal plate and put the screws back in. Push the RF grommet back into place and then place the SIM card and battery back in the phone. Put the plastic cover on the back off the phone and then power it on to ensure the screen is working correctly.